The price includes the transfer that was sent to you in the reservation form in the confirmation email.

It is necessary to have the confirmation of your reservation with you during pick up. You may have to show it to the driver before you boarded at the vehicle.

As soon as you land you must wait until the scheduled time of arrival. GR Transfers knows the flight details and your driver will pick you up. If you have any problem please call the emergency number.

If your flight time changes is delayed or cancelled we suggest that you do contact GR Transfers through our telephone numbers or by e mail at We take all precautions and our partners monitor flight and cruise ship arrival times in case of delays so that we get notified for flight changes, delays or cancellations.

GR Transfers regret that we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to flight delays or missed travel connections resulting from poor weather conditions, state of roads or any other factors beyond our control.

If your flight has changed and you were notified 48 hrs before your flight you can change the pick-up time with the link that was given to you with the confirmation email. If your flight has changed and you were notified less than 48 hrs before the flight please contact GR Transfers through our telephone numbers or by e mail at and let us know about this change, stating your reservation number and confirm the new time in order to avoid any charges. Flight cancellations on a refund please consult our terms of use.

The allowable luggage limit per vehicle is described in the vehicle details on the booking form. As acceptable baggage size is considered the baggage that the total sum (Width + Height + Depth) will not be greater than 158.

If you have big suitcases, skis, golf clubs it would be good to let us know in the space provided on the booking form as there is the possibility to apply additional charges because you may need to replace the vehicle with a larger.

  • If the route that you want is not available to book, send an email to to send you offer if we can serve the route you’re looking for.

It is possible to cancel your reservation in the relevant form from the link sent to you in the confirmation e mail. The cancellation of the reservation is done without cost if is done up to 48 hours before the pick-up time. In case of cancellation within less than 48 hours before the pick-up time applies the charge the whole amount of the booking.

You can book your transportation 24 hours before the first pick-up.
In case you want something instantly contacted via email at or on 24/7 telephone.

All vehicles come with legitimate insurance provided for by applicable laws.

There is the possibility to add extra stops as long as you check that in your booking form as additional charges apply. If the stop you want exceeds 30′ then you must notify us via email.

If the number of passengers traveling after the change is greater than the passenger carrying capacity of the vehicle that has been selected in the original booking then communicate directly with the GR Transfers so that they become instant modification of reservation with the commensurate burden.

If the number of passengers is not larger than the passenger carrying capacity of the vehicle that has been selected in the original booking then you don’t need to do anything.

In this case you need to make two separate bookings.

The time of your journey indicated in the booking process, but is indicative. We cannot guarantee the time of the journey as it is dependent on uncertain factors such as traffic, physical phenomena, local events, etc.

You can book the transfer you require from our web site. In case you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us via email.

In case you’re at the pick-up point and the driver has not shown to pick you up please contact us using the information given in the booking confirmation.

We will do anything within our power to transfer you to your destination. If we still cannot serve you then you need to act in order to reach your destination. In any case we are not responsible for damages if you miss your flight, train, ship bus etc.

Any expenses made for the realization of the transfer that was booked and not held can be claimed only by legal proof and up to the amount of the original booking.

It is fair that if your booking is not working as it should, for something that we have a responsibility, we will refund this part of your journey.

And even if things go wrong, such as cancellations or delay of baggage, we’re here to help 24/7 and we will do our best to arrive at your destination.


We guarantee:

  • A representative will be waiting at the airport when you arrive
  • The vehicle is what you pay at the reservation and meets our standards
  • You will have a safe driving experience
  • Your transfer will be on time

In this case you should make two different reservations per vehicle type or category .